How To Stay Focused In The Middle Of Comp Season

How To Stay Focused In The Middle Of Comp Season

It’s mid-season, and you’ve got your routines with the team 100% mastered. Your body’s
conditioned, the technique has been perfected, and your strategy is in place for
competition. But in all the excitement of hitting the floor and showcasing your winning
routine, sometimes it can be hard to stay focused and calm under all that pressure of
competition season.

So how can you keep it together? We know that practice makes perfect, and giving it your
all physically is pretty much top of the list. But there’s a lot of mental preparation that goes
with it too, and that’s just as important. If you get into the habit of trying out some new
techniques to calm your nerves, you’ll find yourself re-focusing easily and getting your head
back in the game.

Focus on your strengths
Negative thoughts will only bring you down, and you’ve come so far already! Don’t let them
take over your moves, it’s time to go to your happy place! By thinking about your strengths,
you’ll be more confident in your abilities and set the stage on fire with your routine. Remind
yourself of all the reasons you can do it, and what accomplishments have been so far; keep
a positive mindset, and you’ll find your focus again.

Believe in yourself
You need to believe that you can perform your best routines in any situation, and learn to
trust in your skills. Your confidence and belief will let you perform with amazing technique,
and you’ll bounce quickly into gear when the time is needed from your teammates. When
you believe in yourself, you’ll find there is a strength in you to continue moving forward.
Think of never letting any obstacle stand in your way – in other words, keep your eyes on
the prize, and believe that every moment is yours for the taking.

Team bonding
Your cheer team is your sisterhood, and what could possibly be better than squad unity?
When you feel perhaps there’s a mid-season slump and you’re a bit off focus, there are a
number of fun ways to refresh and get yourself back on track – and they’re all with your
squad! You could host a themed practice like superheroes or Disney characters where every
team member dresses accordingly, or get together outside of training to play games like
limbo, volleyball or pillowcase hop; or if you’re not up for those, going to the movies or
having a slumber party is just as refreshing and motivating!
Regardless of what your teammates do to get back in the zone mid-season, it’s important
you take the time to make sure you’re staying focused on the competition at hand. In the
middle of competition season, we know things really start to heat up, but when you’re
focused and determined to get through it all, your squad will see they need to recoup too
and follow your lead.

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