One of the best parts of cheerleading has got to be the eternal friendships we make, so what better way to spend even more time with your besties than with cheer camp?! Hang on, did cheerleading just get even better?! Cheer camp is where you can learn new stunts, tumbling skills, and upskill your dance moves – it’s also where you can train like a world-class champion team, and have fun at the same time.

But we’re not talking about just any cheer camp.

Action Spirit Cheerleading Camps is co-owned by Steve Belanger (East Celebrity Elite) and Ray Jasper, choreographer of the original Bring It On film starring Kirsten Dunst! And now you can get in on the action and learn all those moves you thought only happened in the movies, because Aussie Gold and Action Spirit have teamed up! As a world-class choreographer from California, Ray is known for his eye-catching and innovative creations, which makes it no surprise that he’s totally sought-after by squads all over the world. Add 2012 Choreographer of the Year, eight World Championship titles and five Summit Champion wins to the mix, and that puts him on top of the most wanted list.

Attending an Action Spirit Cheerleading Camp will see you gain access to the world’s best high-quality cheer material, because if you didn’t know it already, but Bring It On’s opening choreography earned a nomination for Best Dance Sequence at the MTV Movie Awards. And no wonder – it’s strong, sassy, and on fleek.

The camps feature expert staff, all hand-picked by Ray, and are a special collaboration of coaches and choreographers, all with different backgrounds and specialities. And look, the 2018 camp season might be over, but with a new year comes a new 2019 tour!

What better way to ramp up your mad cheer skills than with an Action Spirit camp, where you’ll get the best quality material, and learn even stronger technique in a fun place.

Interested in more info or to book for the next tour? Head to our Gold Service Page to learn more!